Stranglers Worldwide Discography

LATEST UPDATES 14th July 2014: Scans and info added to UK Single Acetates/Test Pressings

Argentina Promo 7" Chile LPs Ireland Freebie 7" Singapore LPs UK Promo Cassettes
Argentina LPs Columbia 7" Ireland LPs South Africa UA/Liberty 7" UK Single Acetates/Test Pressings
Argentina Promo LPs Columbia LP Ireland CD promo South Africa Epic 7" UK LP Test Pressings
Australia UA /Liberty 7" Czechoslovakia LPs Israel LPs South Africa LPs UK CDR Acetates/Test Pressings
Australia Epic 7" France 7" Italy 7" Spain UA/Liberty 7" UK Video
Australia 7" Promo France 12" Italy LPs Spain Epic 7" USA A&M/IRS 7"
Australia 12" France Promo CD Singles Italy CDs Spain 7" Promos USA Epic 7"
Australia 12" Promos France Promo CD LPs Italy Test Pressings Spain 12" USA Freebie 7"
Australia CD Singles France LPs Japan 7" Spain LPs USA Promo 7"
Australia Cassette Singles France Test Pressings Japan Promo 7" Spain Promo LPs USA 12"
Australia LPs Germany 7" Japan 12" Sweden UA 7" USA Promo 12"
Australia LP Promos Germany Promo 7" Japan Promo 12" Sweden LPs USA CD singles
Austria CD Singles Germany 12" Japan LPs Taiwan LPs USA Promo CD Singles
Belgium 7" Germany CD Singles Japan Promo LPs Taiwan CDs USA LPs
Bolivia 7" Germany Promo CD Singles Japan CDs Thailand 7" USA Promo LPs
Bootleg/Interview 7" Germany LPs Japan Promo CDs Turkey 7" USA Test Pressings
Bootleg/Interview 12" Germany Promo CD LPs Korea Turkey LP Yugoslavia
Bootleg Polish Postcards Germany Test Pressings Mispressings UK 7" - UA/Liberty Zimbabwe 7"
Bootleg Russian Flexis Greece 7" New Zealand UA/Liberty 7" UK 7" - Epic and others Zimbabwe LPs
Bootleg LPs Greece 12" New Zealand Epic 7" UK 7" Promos  
Bootleg CDs Greece LPs New Zealand 12" UK 7" Freebies/Fan Club **********************
Brazil 7" Greece Test Pressings New Zealand LPs UK 12"  
Brazil LPs Holland UA/Liberty 7" Philipines 7" UK 12" Promos * JJ Burnel Sub-site
Canada 7" Holland Epic 7" Philipines Promo 7" UK Cassette Singles * Hugh Cornwell Sub-site
Canada 7" Promo Holland Promo 7" Philipines LPs UK CD Singles * Celia and the Mutations
Canada Cassette Singles Holland 12" Poland UK Promo CD Singles * Purple Helmets
Canada 12" Holland CD Singles Portugal UA/Liberty 7" UK Studio LPs * Miscellaneous Solo
Canada 12" Promo Holland Promo CD singles Portugal Epic 7" UK Live LPs * Memorabilia Sub-site
Canada LPs Holland LPs Portugal LPs UK Compilation LPs  
Canada Promo LPs Ireland UA/Liberty 7" Radio Shows UK CD Reissues  
Chile 7" Ireland Epic 7" Russia LPs UK Promo CD Albums  

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